Pho 75

Pho 75

(08) 8364 6080

Shop 8

113-131 Days Road

Croydon Park SA 5008

There is much a-do in Adelaide at the moment about who does the best Pho Bo? And while everyone else is bragging about ‘their’ spots we have been very quiet not really wanting to share! But then, we realise, this is not fair on other pho-lovers, the establishment and our cause.

Pho Bo is a traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Simple as that. So, why is it so special and why do some of eat it 2+ times a week?

It is a healthy alternative for cheap,  fast food. The base is rice noodles with bits of spring onion, red onion and pepper and then rare beef that has been cut very thin is placed on the noodles and a very tasty boiling broth is poured over it so the beef cooks and the juices of it run into the broth. There on the table to share with your companions (or just for yourself) is a plate of thai basil, mint and bean sprouts. Next to that is an array of sauces and chillies. You can add whatever you like to it from this collection but most choose Hoisin and Hot sauce, then add some chilli jam. It is a great dish as it is without all the additives but if you like your heat you can really amp it up. Put in your basil leaves and sprouts and mix it all around. It is very cheap with $8.50 for a small and $10 for a medium that is really rather large so you are getting quite a deal. There are other types of pho on the menu but the safest for the virgin is the rare beef.

When you eat in you are able to just sit at any free seat or table and the staff will bring you a menu. There is air conditioning and TVs playing all manner of asian pop and tourist information ads. There is no alcohol (probably what keeps the costs down) and the only dish you can order is pho. Yes. Do not go here if you were hoping for an entree of spring rolls, it is more authentic than that. There are milder chicken broths for children on the menu. What is quite extensive is the drinks menu! Coconut milk is most popular with the heat from the soup as well as some of the unusual fruit smoothies like durian, which do make for a good dessert if you can fit one in. The Vietnamese coffee is the sweetest item and well worth a try.

They do a takeaway which must be heated on the cooktop when you get home. This is great as you can buy it now, eat it later. Take away is the same price but just a few extra cents for the takeaway containers. The toilets are in the parking lot but well kept. It is cash only – and they do separate bills. We often go with 10+ people and we are all allowed to pay seperately. Wonderful. It is  a lunch and dinner place but they open about 1030 as pho can traditionally be eaten for breakfast. They do not open Tuesdays at all.

It is hard to see from our review why it is such an awesome place to go but just go, try the pho. You will see what the hoo-haa is about.

Give it a Pho!

Give it a Pho!

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