The Pantry

The Pantry

(08) 8271 4409

2 Egmont Terrace

Hawthorn SA 5062

While we copped a bit of slack for our Coffee Barun review, that has not stopped us searching for a great breakfast place and each outing seems to get us closer to perfection. The Pantry on Egmont Terrace is a little treasure located along the train tracks in Hawthorn where you can sit and gaze out of the window and view the passing trains through the tree-lined framed street.  The cafe has embraced all that is retro and seems to carry an old-school quality about it. The ambience gives off a feel of wholesomeness and creativity. The decorating itself is artistic and there are various pieces of actual art covering the walls, and mostly large prints that made us feel as though we could ‘Narnia’ through them into another dimension.

Enough about the fantastic use of old and new – none of this really mattered. What matters is the quality of the food and service and there is little fault to be found. Some of us can count the amount of times that we are greeted but staff in coffee houses now. The Pantry so shocked us with service that we could not remove the looks of awe off our faces which did turn into smiles and giggles. This cafe is rather small inside but the space is well utilised. The staff offer table service (YES!) and happily give menus to you upon arrival and offer you drinks right off the bat – this is good as those really in need of a coffee often lack the decorum to wait for fellow guests to arrive. This particular Saturday morning was one of rain and thunder  but it did not stop eager coffee-goers from giving up on The Pantry which was full up inside. The outside seats under the verandah were offered and then thick woollen blankets were affectionally  placed over the patrons. If you know that you want to eat here at a certain time we advise calling them first. We imagine it could get very busy.

The menu offered breakfast and lunch dishes, the normal kind of stuff with a bit of a twist here and there. The food was great, we had egg dishes and gluten free muesli which was fresh and cooked to perfection. The prices were very fair for the food and while we cannot remember exact pricing for this breakfast it worked out to be about $15 – $20 per head which is a damn-cheap meal out at the moment. The coffee was fantastic and served in normal size cups so that your pinky finger could still pop up while your wrist was not snapping in surprise of getting a soup bowl instead of a cup.

We look forward to returning here and trying more menu items. Fresh, funky and f**king friendly!

We give The Pantry 8 out 10 Smiles.

Sugar at The Pantry


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