Alfonso’s Continental

Alfonso’s Continental

(08) 8223 1547

202 Hutt Street

Adelaide SA 5000

A wet cold Friday night our team decided to spontaneously charge out somewhere for dinner. Hutt street was suggested, as it is usually a buzzing hive of activity. However this particular Friday night was not the case, thanks to an atypical cold-snap,  so we should not have been so surprised to see the tumbleweeds dancing down the street.

Our leading thoughts were a trip to Norberto’s Buenos Airs Steak house but the loose-leaf paper menus hastily stuck to the windows with blu-tak were hardly justifying the high prices that they so informally displayed.

After a brief stroll through the elements, Alfonso’s was very appealing due to the warmth and the full tables. With the near blizzard conditions prevailing we opted for inside (though the outside was heated and covered it was still freezing) and we were promptly ushered to a corner table. Upon seating we were given some rather dog-eared menus (we judged by their condition that they could be carbon dated sometime BC).

Rustic menus aside, the staff were happy and we were offered drinks just as we were about to ask for them. The kitchen provided plenty of options (mostly Italian of course) and to our delight abounded gluten-free options. There were plenty of pasta options (i.e they did not rely on the old spag bol and [insert pasta type here] marinara). However the one odd thing that did stand out was the lack of any pizza options.  There was a breakfast menu that offered a lot of standard big breakfast choices and that is an adventure for some other morning. The wine menu was good, reasonably priced, and we settled on a bottle of Pikes (Clare Valley) Sauvignon Blanc for the long haul.

Having braved the elements we were all rather ravenous so ordered starters as well as mains. This turned out to be a rookie mistake, as while we did not expect HUGE meals (the prices were very fair) when they came out we realised they were intended to feed one with an Italian sized appetite.

Essentially:      Starters = Entrée     Entrée = Main     Main = Kitchen Sink

While not looking like a Masterchef inspired gourmet masterpiece the meals were very tasty and filling; excellent comfort food. We ordered:

– Eggplant & Bacon Involtini (GF Starter): Clear winner in both the starters and the mains (big enough to be a main)

– Whitebait (Starter): Good but could have been crunchier and was missing aioli.

– Aracini Balls (Starter): Dan said ‘they were huge and better than my main”

– Linguini Pasitano (Main): A white wine and garlic seafood pasta supplied with cracking gear, no complaints.

– Penne Albiocca (GF): With chicken, apricots, walnuts and pancetta it was unusual, almost like a dessert pasta, but very tasty and an interesting meal.

– Hamburger (Main): Yes, boring but it sounded awesome and delivered on taste!

The winner was easily the Eggplant & Bacon Involtini that could have been satisfying as either a starter or a main with Shell and Drinks Master declaring  their love for it many times. Oh Involtini, how we adore thee!

While it might be outclassed by Chianti Classico a few doors up (a future review to come) it is no where near as pricey or elitist. In summary if you want to sit somewhere warm and cosy, eat a hearty meal that will survive you all weekend and come out with change from a ‘fiddy’ then this is the place for you.

We give 7 out of 10 Involtinis.

Linguini Pasitano

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