The Deli


54A George Street, Thebarton

08 8354 4878

The Deli in George street looks like an antique shop from the outside with that quaint red-light glow emenating out the windows.

There was a booking for us and we walked in were greeted by Leigh who took us to our table out the back in the ‘beer garden’, where we were initially surprised as it was pouring with rain and very cold but he cranked up a gas heater and we were all removing our jackets before too long. There were heaters near all the other tables and he even had a chiminea burning away. Our heater ran out of gas eventually and Leigh did state that he is installing natural gas heaters this week.

Jess described the atmosphere as ‘hanging out at your cool uncle’s house where you can drink and smoke’ and she was pretty spot on. The venue snaked its way through and was decorated with eclectic art and colours. There were nooks and couches placed appropriately and it was resonating with fantastic music such as Goyte, Stevie Wonder and Portoise Head. It was dimly lit for that intimate feel and outside there were lamps, candles and blankets for all the comfort you need.

Enough about how cool it looked and felt – the food and drinks are important too and we were not let down. The wine menu was great – simply put there was a good selections of SA wines by the glass or bottle and inside (at the cutest bar ever) was a black board with such treats as jugs of sangria and espresso martinis. The food menu was simple, they do offer a large breakfast menu that is served all day until 5pm. THIS did cause some discussion but in the end it was agreed that the day ends and the evening begins at 5pm. There are burgers with gluten free options and an interesting pizza menu with combinations including chorizo and fresh pineapple, as well as a dessert pizza which we are going back to try real soon. We ordered pizza and nachos and they were great, not a scrap of pizza was left over even though we were bursting at the seams. There was no need to wait for our accounts as it was bar service but they were happy to keep a tab for individuals.

Overall we had a great time at The Deli and for a small team the staff did a fantastic job. There is not much to complain about as the name gives you an idea of what to expect but those expectations were exceeded. The only fault was that we were drinking wine quicker than they could wash glasses so you could view that in a couple of ways.. We were there until midnight and the last to leave but were made to feel very welcome.

8 out of 10 nachos for The Deli
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2 thoughts on “The Deli

  1. The Drinks Master and Ms Macaron swung by the Deli on a Saturday early afternoon to wallow in their defeat at a local home auction.

    Around 1pm the Deli was relatively empty, with only one or two other tables of patrons present. That said, the atmosphere was still enjoyable with ambient music blaring pleasantly in the background.

    DM and MM chose the table in between the interior and exterior sections, which was sufficiently cozy but not isolated from the rest of the cafe. DM noted that the interior section is distinctly different from the ‘beer garden’, with the interior having more a of a Spatz or Elephant Walk feel (intimate snuggle lounge) while the beer garden had more of a hipster lazy session feel. The beauty of this of course is one can enjoy either atmosphere in the one funky venue. While the place is a bit grungy, that’s the vibe it’s clearly going for, and it does it well.

    As stated above, the wine list caters for a reasonable selection of SA wines all of which are quite reasonably priced. Although the Deli sparking red turned out to be out of stock, the staff vigorously hunted through the entire fridge without complaint before conceding defeat. DM settled on a glass of Woodstock 2007 shiraz for $7.

    The main menu consists of just burgers and pizzas, and DM couldn’t help but think a salad or two wouldn’t go astray. There was also a set of dishes that could be ordered into a tasting plate, which DM believes will be sampled at the next venture to the Deli. Upon departing the Deli DM sneakily peeped at another patron’s breakfast order, which looked delightfully delicious.

    DM and MM settled on the Deli Special Pizza between them, which was a perfectly adequate light lunch – 3 slices each of a roughly 10″ pizza. It was excellently cooked, with a distinctly smokey flavour evidencing proper use of a wood fired oven.

    If there was any complaint it would be that the small open kitchen looked a bit out of hand, with a few dirty plates and saucepans lying around for all to see. This was also the case with the bar, upon which were situated a few half eaten plates of various foodstuffs. Not vomit worthy, but not really what one wants to see.

    All in all however, DM and MM enjoyed their Deli experience and would happily return. The Deli is well priced, friendly and carries a good vibe. It’s no fine dining experience, but the front cafe would be an excellent late night coffee stop or pre-Wheatsheaf (or Squatters Arms for those of a slightly different persuasion) food stop.

  2. Drinks Master says:

    Have now tried the dessert pizza, and can say it was devoured with gusto.

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