23 Grote Street Adelaide

08 8410 9332

Auge was reviewed by only two of us so the rating is not group-based to get that out the way first, but since it was a degustation it should be included.

As soon as we stepped through the front door our coats were taken by the staff so we knew we were in for a nice evening (if not a cheap one). It is tastefully appointed with an upmarket feel and is cosy enough for a romantic evening. Well, if you were after a romantic evening you may be disappointed as you can feel a little close to the people next to as the tables are not exactly miles apart. In fact the bored diner at the table next to us felt the need to chat to us while his date was in the bathroom. On the topic of bathrooms, if you are the kind of person that believes you can ‘judge a restaurant by it’s bathroom’ then parch yourself beforehand and avoid using them. Eugene said “they could have come right out of a primary school’ which is very disappointing for an otherwise beautifully decorated restaurant.

Now, cat claws away, onto the food! It was lovely. We did the six course degustation with a chef-selected glass of wine to match every course. Each of the courses looked like a piece of art presented on the lovely, at times unusal, china. The food was also tasty and matched well with the selected wines although we never thought to ourselves, “Gee we wish we could have more of that” and the wine seemed to arrive after the food. The exception to the gluttony rule here is the dessert. It was a white chocolate panacotta with a salted caramel baci on the side and a little donut ball thing (technical terminology at all times) filled with fruit jam. If I had not thought it would be considered poor form to steal my partners serve on his birthday I would most certainly elbowed him off the table and devoured his share.

All up I thought the experience and the food was wonderful. It was a treat so the total bill of $340 seemed pricey but it is not the sort of thing you do every week. A point for each course and a bonus for the dessert.

7 out of 10 little donut ball things.

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